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Jun 29 2013

Institute Week 2 or What I’ve Learned About Myself in 14 Short Day

So it’s officially two weeks that I have taken part in Teach for America’s rigorous Institute and one week in which I have been a teacher and boy has it been a wild ride. I heard institute was intense and I heard that I’d learn a lot about myself while I was here. I believed the first part but I thought the second was just something people said to balance out the first. But it’s totally true. Before I start gushing about my students and blabbing about the 18 hour days and 4 hours of sleep a night, here are somethings (not teaching related) Institute has taught meĀ  already.

1. Time is weird. 2 weeks ago my family and my boyfriend dropped me off at LMU. Two days later I was calling my boyfriend telling him how much I missed him and wondering how long it had been since I’d seen him. Days seem incredibly long and nights seem very short (that may be because I only sleep for 4 hours). A day seems like a week, but when you’re drafting a lesson plan an hour feels like a minute.

2. I am not as lazy as college made me think I was. Sleeping in, scoffing reading in favor of going to the beach, cursory studying for exams, I thought these characteristics would kill me going into an intensive institute. Instead they almost entirely, note the almost, disappear. I work hard and on task for most of my long days, except when I zone out because my third cup of coffee has worn off.

3. I can get by for days with very little sleep. This will be handy if I ever choose to become a spy and get captured, or if I decide to go to law school.

4. Middle schoolers aren’t entirely awful. Strange but true, they’re actually incredibly endearing.

5. I may need to loosen up a bit (more about this in future posts)

6. Sometimes going to sleep early on a Friday night, when you’ve been up since 5am is the best thing that can happen to you all week.

Institute is definitely a difficult experience, but so far it’s been a very important one. More next week, or tomorrow. Whenever I have time, which is hardly ever. Anyway, goodnight all.

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  1. Abigail Hostetter

    I enjoyed this! LMU has great facilities. I’m an ’08 corps member at Desert Pines and appreciated your thoughts.

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